CS Graduate Student Machine Learning Reading Group

In this reading group we present talks on topics related to Machine Learning, Computer Vision, topics beyond standard classroom setting or original research. It is meant to be a friendly, slightly informal environment where questions are encouraged at all points throught the talk. If you are interested in leading a discussion on a topic or giving a talk please email at cjtonde [at] cs [dot] rutgers [dot] edu.

If you want to be added to the reading group mailing list please do so at link below or send me an email.



[2/10/2011] The time and place for the reading group has been finalized! We would be meeting at CBIM multipurpose room on Thursday from 11.00 am to 12:00 noon.
[2/17/2011] 1st meeting. Based on the feedback site will be updated soon.
[2/24/2011] Chris spoke today on on Sample based planning methods for Continous Actions and States
[3/3/2011] No talk this week.
[3/11/2011] Talk by Ali on particle filters.
[3/13/2011] No talk coming Thursday the 17th. Spring break.
[4/24/2011] Ari talked this week.
[5/25/2011] Session ended for Spring 2011. See coming Fall.
[10/19/2011] Please visit link for Fall 2011 reading group.

Upcoming Topics:

Date Leader Topic Comments
17th, Feb 2011 Chetan Information-Theoretic Metric Learning, J. Davis, B. Kulis, et. al., ICML 2008, CVPR best student paper
24th, Feb 2011 Chris Sample-based Planning Methods for Continous Actions and States , Full version ICAPS 2011
11th, March 2011 Ali A tutorial on particle filters for online nonlinear/non-Gaussian Bayesian Tracking IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2002
24th March 2011 Ari Sample-based Planning Methods for Continous Actions and States -

List of suggested readings

Hilbert Space Embeddings of Hidden Markov Models , Le Song, Bryon Boots, Sajid Siddiqi, Geofrey Gordon, Alex Smola, ICML 2010.

Classification Semi-Riemannian Spaces , Deli Zhao, Zhouchen Lin,Xiaoou Tang, CVPR 2008

Learning Semi-Riemannian Metrics for Semi-Supervised Feature Extraction, Zhang Wei, Lin Zhouchen, Tang Xiaoou, KDE 2010